Enabling 360 Degree Digital Transformation With White-label Apps and Portals
Tools and technology today are an integral part of every organization. While they drive digital transformation at large, how the companies choose to leverage it makes a difference. ePROMISE strives to provide the best features to enable futuristic digital transformation for its customers, and the latest feature is a testament to the constant that is progress.

We are introducing White-label apps and portals for all customers and external users - Partners, Brokers, Suppliers, Tenants, and more. We have extended our services to all critical business stakeholders to benefit from, from our customers to customers/ partners.

ePROMIS is the only solution vendor globally to provide white-label applications and portals. The term White-label derives from the manual process of whiting out something previously written to write over again. This process has been a fairly common practice throughout multiple industries. For instance - Grocery stores purchase other brands’ products and label them under their brand. We are now introducing the same in the digital landscape.

While the brand is at the core of everything we do, it can be diluted in the digital space. Therefore, branding and communication matter today more than anything. ePROMIS, with this new feature, enables everyone to leverage its dynamic capabilities under their own brand name.For every business, it is essential to focus on its core capabilities while delegating the rest, be it to tools or companies. And ePROMIS gives you the best of both worlds, where you can leverage its capabilities, build your business on it, and yet take all the credit.

To sum it up, here are some of the benefits that our latest features can provide:

1. Build Brand Credibility

With White-labeling, it’s easier to associate your business with quality products. In addition, consumers can feel more confident about purchasing your services or products without the pressure of a firm brand name.

2. Boost Brand Visibility

White-labeling refers to attaching your brand name to a product or service that you don’t make in marketing terms. For example, you might use it to sell products or services that aren’t yours, or you might use it to put a customer-facing face on something that came from a third party. This type of strategy is vital for the success of your business and your reputation as a business owner.

3. Leverage Expertise

In the end, it seems like White-labeling is a win-win for all parties involved. The site that harnesses the service needs not to spend time and money developing its products. Instead, the white-label customer gets a well-designed product, and the original third-party developer customers get access to the expertise at an affordable cost under their brand name.

4. Save Resources

The idea of creating your product from scratch and putting it out there for the public to see can be incredibly enticing. However, the reality of that undertaking can prove to be much more difficult. Not only do you have to deal with the time commitment of putting together your product, but you have to deal with all the other aspects of keeping it running, such as promoting it properly, dealing with customer support questions, and more. That’s why White-labeling can be so attractive—it allows you to get in on the action while still reaping a lot of the rewards.

And that’s exactly what we encourage you to leverage this feature. Now’s your chance to gain 360-degree business transformation, automation, and excellence.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on this space for more exciting updates!