ePROMIS Secures 'High Performer' Status In Multiple G2 Crowd Quadrants
ePROMIS– a world-class enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, has been rated a 'High Performe' in G2's Winter 2022 Grid, outperforming its competitors. ePROMIS has also been awarded for Mid-Market and Enterprise Grid in Multiple Categories. This extraordinary achievement, as well as recognition from the world's largest and most reputable software marketplace– G2, demonstrates nothing but our commitment to provide the best business solutions to our valued clients across the globe.

For the uninitiated, G2– formally known as the G2 Crowd, is a platform that allows businesses to find, compare reviews & prices, and then purchase software and other IT services. Users can simply sign in with their LinkedIn account and review the products they use. The platform uses an algorithm to identify bogus user reviews by recognizing employees at firms reviewing their own products or reviewing their competitor's products. Additionally, to discourage spam and inappropriate feedback, reviews are manually checked and voted on by the community members.

G2 also asks for screenshots from the reviewer using the product for verification purposes. These multiple and strict procedural checks guarantee that their reviews are most authentic. Moreover, the Winter 2022 Report uses G2 Crowd's patented technology, which calculates global rankings based on overall customer satisfaction, ease of doing business with, market presence, suggested likelihood, and reviews volume.

The eight categories in which ePROMIS outperformed its competitors and were awarded are:

1. Grid® Report for Accounting | Winter 2022

2. Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Winter 2022

3. Enterprise Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Winter 2022

4. Mid-Market Grid® Report for ERP Systems | Winter 2022

5. Enterprise Grid® Report for Discrete ERP | Winter 2022

6. Grid® Report for Discrete ERP | Winter 2022

7. Enterprise Grid® Report for Distribution ERP | Winter 2022

8. Grid® Report for Distribution ERP | Winter 2022

ePROMIS currently has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on 43 user reviews on the G2 website. The majority of the reviews highlighted ePROMIS's user-friendly interface, innovative features, exceptional customer support, and ease of integration with other business apps and services, among other positives. The reviewers also lauded the platform's well-defined architecture and easy access to documents.

Here are some of the most recent review samples:

ePROMIS creates precise and comprehensive financial reports as per the accounting standards. It also reduces paperwork, manual errors and instances of data duplicity. Besides, the platform allows better control through improved financial management and forecasting. Moreover, the software streamlines the accounts payable process and ensures payment compliance with the end-to-end invoice management system.ePROMIS is a tool that delivers beyond your imagination and empowers your business with cutting edge tools. It provides real-time business intelligence to help you make smarter and informed decisions, and eliminate guesswork and get instant access to a centralized data repository within seconds. Overall it's an excellent support system, with a minimalist interface, and all-inclusive features.'

'With ePROMIS, our startup can scale up operations seamlessly and compete with established brands. In-depth reporting and the real-time dashboard give access to key performance indicators at a glance. Recommend this ERP - gives a great return on investment.'These encouraging reviews and recognition from the renowned software marketplace– G2 demonstrate that ePROMIS has successfully accomplished its goal of providing innovative solutions and exceptional support to its global clientele. This honor also validated our continuous efforts to give our worldwide clients a competitive advantage leveraging technology innovation and personalized business solutions.

About ePROMIS:

ePROMIS Solutions Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a leading enterprise software provider recognized for its exceptional service and technological innovations. ePROMIS ERP, the Next-Gen customized ERP solution, enables businesses to coordinate all elements of their business, share data, drive performance, decrease costs, and maximize profitability.

Some of the industries and verticals for which ePROMIS has designed the solutions are Aerospace, Automotive, Banking, and Financial Services, Construction, Distribution, Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality, Fashion, Non-profits, Retail, and Real Estate. In addition to industry-specific products, ePROMIS also develops tailored solutions for multiple other services.

ePROMIS solutions have so far benefited over 3000 organizations and a million users worldwide. Here, we reiterate our commitment to provide the best possible business solutions and services to all of our clients by leveraging our industry expertise, decades of experience, and cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, and IoT. For more information, visit our website: https://epromis.com/. At last, we want to thank all of our clients, users, and well-wishers for their faith in ePROMIS and their continued support– we couldn't have achieved this milestone without you!