Your African market entry; opportunities, challenges, and the solution

Emerging markets present greatest opportunity to speed up growth in productivity and support all-embracing economic prosperity. They have contributed over half of the global growth at some point during the time of Great Recession and then showed a broad-based slowdown due to many known and still unknown elements of their domestic policies and idiosyncratic factors.

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ePROMIS' single point of control vs. mix of ‘Best of Breed’ business management software

As it's called so, a ‘Best of breed’ business software addresses a particular business process, and indeed is the best application for that specific area. Here comes a question, maybe it is the best application in a specific business process but does it have any focus on other processes in business? As every ‘so called’ process specific application has little to no idea on the other business processes. Many organizations integrate various best of breed applications together while the w...

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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ePROMIS Solutions Inc. is a leading global enterprise software provider with a reputation for innovative products and outstanding service. The company provides enterprise software solutions to multiple verticals, including Construction, Contracting, Oil & Gas, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing), Trading, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Automobile, Tran...

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