ePROMIS Innovative Enterprise Management Solutions
for a Wide Variety of Industries

ePROMIS provides fully integrated business solutions to various industries across the globe. All our solutions are based on our in-depth knowledge in the industries we serve and are designed to enable organizations to drive success. ePROMIS ERP Solutions run in almost all industries, regardless of size and location of the business.

ePromis Industries

Stay Ahead of the Competition with our Industry Specific Solutions

ePROMIS' wide-ranging enterprise solutions are designed to satisfy the needs of organizations regardless of size, industry, culture, etc. Our solutions are available for almost all industries including Construction, Contracting, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Trading, and Logistics. ePROMIS ERP solutions for various industries are based on,

  • In-depth knowledge of the processes
  • Industry best practices 
  • State-of-the-art technology
ePROMIS Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering

Historically, the construction and engineering industry had great difficulty in obtaining information for the efficient management...

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ePROMIS Industries Contracting

Contracting and Subcontracting

Contracts represent your company's relationship with its clients. As a contractor, you have to ensure all your obligations to your...

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Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing

Being a part of the construction supply chain Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) contracting business grow along with the g...

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ePROMIS Real Estate

Real Estate

Real estate companies must respond to risks of today's market such as increasing customer demands, changing regulations, and new e...

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ePROMIS Trading & Distribution

Trading & Distribution

Wholesale Distribution companies face several micro- and macroeconomic challenges in today's business. The industry is experiencin...

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ePROMIS Oil and Gas

Petrochemical Industry

Gain visibility and have control over projects throughout your oil & gas industry with most innovative Enterprise Resource Plannin...

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ePROMIS Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturers are always under constant pressure to launch innovative products that are more attractive, reliable and e...

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ePROMIS Retail Industry

Retail Industry

In this globalized market, retailers like you may find it hard to keep up with the inventory demand as things come in and go out, ...

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ePROMIS Consumer Goods and Services

Consumer Goods and Services

Your success in today's consumer marketing depends on your capability to add more value to your products and services. Keep up wit...

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ePROMIS Government & Public Sector

Government & Public Sector

ePROMIS Enterprise Management solutions for public sector let your organization reach its beneficiaries with services most effici...

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ePROMIS Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Facilities Management is one of the fastest growing service industries in the world. Due to demanding customers and changing regul...

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ePROMIS Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental Services

Globally the equipment rental services industry grow at a fast pace with strong demand for rental services. Rental companies striv...

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ePROMIS Religious & Nonprofit Organizations

Religious & Nonprofit Organizations

Religious organizations, charitable trusts and other nonprofit organizations have made fundamental contributions to the world, fro...

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ePROMIS Garage Management

Garage Management

A modern garage requires a modern garage management software system to get the most out of its everyday operation. To run a succes...

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Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Gain greater operational overview to have better visibility of each business entity. Our solution helps you achieve the bigger pic...

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ePROMIS' Industry Specific ERP Solutions for Global Excellence
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