Still searching for the best ERP for manufacturing industry?

Still searching for the best ERP for manufacturing industry? 19 Oct 2017 / Blog Share

Globally, the manufacturing industry has a very long history when compared to others. As your manufacturing business grows beyond borders and the production becomes more project-based, the business opportunities increase, and you will also have global competitors. As significant factors such as technology, economic climate, customer demands change and competition increase manufacturers must innovate to stay competitive. No organization ever wants to lose in a competition; here we have a question, do manufacturing organizations utilize all the opportunities that lay before them?

Why forward-thinking manufacturing companies implement ePROMIS ERP to support growth strategies?

An organization in manufacturing sector requires speed, precision, and accuracy in customer demand management, to stay ahead of the competition. Here comes the relevance of Enterprise Resource Planning solution in a manufacturing business. According to market studies about 98% of industrial manufacturers are already using some form of enterprise management software. Not all ERP software are equal, most of the business applications found in manufacturing firms lack significant functionalities such as real-time analytics, built-in business intelligence, mobility, web-readiness, and user-friendliness. Forward-thinking firms in the manufacturing sphere select modern Manufacturing ERP solution from ePROMIS which can minimize the manufacturing pressures, enable anytime, anywhere access to business, and convert information into insights.

Off-the-shelf manufacturing management software solutions consider only the areas all the manufacturing companies have in common.  Meanwhile, ePROMIS Manufacturing ERP is designed with a realistic idea that every organization is unique with its set of organizational objectives, structures, corporate cultures, and processes. With decades of experience serving businesses in manufacturing industry ePROMIS ensures every user and the organization get full value out of the ERP system.

By integrating vendors, materials, machinery, workforce, and customers, ePROMIS ERP helps organizations to be more competitive and responsive to the customer needs.  Thus manufacturing companies can efficinetly collaborate with global networks and gain real-time visibility into business processes across the group. From production planning, project management, scheduling of processes, and compliance, to supply chain management, the system helps organizations to optimize the entire product lifecycle and ultimately shrink total manufacturing costs. Manufacturers implemented ePROMIS ERP confirm that they can efficiently manage demand volatility since their responsiveness is improved significantly. The system helped them to reduce the manufacturing without compromising the quality and regulatory compliance. 

As an ERP that supports the growth of the business, manufacturing firms where ePROMIS ERP is implemented are benefiting from modern technologies such as enterprise mobility, cloud and hybrid technology, and native mobile applications. ePROMIS’ Manufacturing ERP solution is designed to support the various manufacturing processes such as discrete, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, mixed-mode, and make-to-stock environments. If you look for more information our solutions or having questions on manufacturing ERP, please Contact Us.

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