ePROMIS listed in the top 20 most popular ERP software

ePROMIS listed in the top 20 most popular ERP software 09 Jan 2017 / Blog Share

The software industry welcomed the year 2017 with the ‘Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software Series’ of Capterra, the most trusted software review platform for buyers and experts; and we are thrilled to be listed among the top 20 most popular ERP software. Yes, ePROMIS ERP is ranked 14th among the top ERP software globally, based on customer experience and popularity. 

“Which is the best ERP system?” is a common question asked by buyers when beginning with their search for suitable software and Capterra made their best attempt at recognizing the market leaders and most popular software products. Capterra’s popularity index for ranking business applications is based on a straightforward scorecard methodology analyzing the number of unique organizations using the software, number of active users, and the whole social media presence and online reputation of the organization. 

Becoming a leader in enterprise management software industry does not happen overnight. It requires a high-quality product range, an ability to innovate continually, a best in the class workforce, and customers realizing the value they receive from the products and services. No wonder why ePROMIS continues to be recognized by software experts as a top contender in a dynamic industry. It is a huge achievement to kick start our new year, and at ePROMIS, we look forward to celebrating more excellence in 2017. 

About Capterra

Capterra® is a Gartner® company headquartered in Arlington, VA, USA., helping organizations find the right business management applications to meet their needs. Every month, over 2 million people use Capterra for software consultation, making Capterra a reliable review platform and the key influencer in the software purchase decisions of organizations across the globe. 


As a pioneer in the business management software industry with corporate headquarters in Houston, TX, USA., ePROMIS maintains a strong worldwide channel partner network and regional offices around the globe. The company provides software solutions to organizations of various industries, supporting them accelerate businesses and drive growth. Enterprise solutions from ePROMIS won awards and recognitions by independent software consulting portals including, Capterra®, FinancesOnline®, SoftwareAdvice®TechnologyAdvice® and CrowdReviews®.

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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ePROMIS Solutions Inc. is a leading global enterprise software provider with a reputation for innovative products and outstanding service. The company provides enterprise software solutions to multiple verticals, including Construction, Contracting, Oil & Gas, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing), Trading, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Automobile, Tran...

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