Turn your projects into success stories

ePROMIS Construction ERP Software

Running a profitable business in the construction sector was never easy. The increasing competition in the market and unavoidable costs of maintaining compliance with the ever-growing regulations compel construction companies to survive on wafer-thin margins. ePROMIS ERP software allows construction companies to run efficiently from estimation, resource planning, and project costing to the billing of projects, helping you to predict budget, and cash flow troubles.

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Industry 4.0; Smart Connected Factories for Smart Manufacturing

ePROMIS ERP Software and Industry 4.0

The concept of “Smart Factory” is becoming a reality for manufacturers. A wide range of ideas and innovations that loosely fall under “Industry 4.0” are already started contributing to factory operations. ERP software industry leaders including Houston-based ePROMIS have made investments in technology and innovation to incorporate new technologies such as machine learning, cloud deployment, and predictive analytics into their ERP software ecosystem.

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Digital transformation; a major wake-up call for business owners

ePROMIS ERP Software - Digital Transfromation

The high-speed internet on our smartphone, the cloud storage where we keep our files, that navigation service predicts traffic conditions, our favorite social networks, and the intelligent personal assistant app; we live in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Technology is interwoven into every aspect of our life, guiding our decisions and transforming personal lives, and making things easier and better. The question is, do organizations experience the similar transformation when they adopt techn

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What is ePROMIS ERP's Drill Down Function and Why Should You Care?

ePROMIS ERP Software Drill Down Data

As the size of your company continues to grow and having a trade in multiple currencies, it is challenging for you to review transactional as well as operational information just by looking at reports. This is where the drill-down functionality can benefit you; the following are some unique aspects of the drill-down offered in ePROMIS ERP software.

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Technology trends that can transform business in 2018 and beyond

Technology trends that can reshape enterprise resoource planning software solutions

What are the most significant technology trends in the new year? At ePROMIS, our top market researchers identified three shifts in technology that will rule coming years. How did we do that? Well, we associate with a wide range of organizations globally to help in their technology sourcing decisions. In addition to these everyday interactions, we surveyed professionals from North America, Europe, and Middle East & Africa regions to spot tech trends and also to understand the customer expectation

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